The pronunciation of English as a lingua franca for healthcare workers with Robin Walker

Thursday 3 October

15:30–16:15 Part 1 – Intro to ELF (definition, ELF vs EFL, ELF and globalisation of English, ELF lexico-grammar & idiomaticity)

16:15–16:45 Break

16:45–18:00 ELF pronunciation (goals, priorities, models & methods)

18:00–18:15 Summary + Q&As

Nobody now disputes the importance of English as a language for global communication, both personal and professional, and predominantly between speakers of first language backgrounds other than English itself. Less clear to some people in ELT are the implications of the lingua franca status of English for ESP classrooms, including those for healthcare workers.

In this workshop we will start by examining what is meant by English as a lingua franca (ELF), compare ELF to EFL (English as a foriegn language), and then look at some of the key implications for the teaching of English to those who use it in ELF environments.

In the second part of the workshop, we will focus our attention on teaching the pronunciation of English in ELF settings such as healthcare. We will explore the goals, priorities and models that are relevant today for the teaching of pronunciation to healthcare workers operating in through English as a lingua franca. We will finish by looking at classroom methods and techniques for teaching ELF pronunciation, and briefly contrast these to those traditionally employed in EFL pronunciation teaching.

Roleplay in the medical English classroom

with Katharine Heathcock and John Skelton

Thursday 3 October

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